Seeing your feelings, especially the "negative" ones, as strengths instead of burdens.

FREE 1h Live class

Tuesday, April 21

8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific

You can live with more resilience and less suffering when you give yourself permission to feel your emotions fully in the present moment, and change your mindset to see your feelings as resources that serve you.

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You already have all of the tools and resources you need to thrive.

Your sadness, your anger, your compassion, your fear, your joy - they're all here to help support you. Learn how to accept and make use of your powerful emotions.

Step 1

Honour your intuition and your body wisdom.

Step 2

Set yourself free from suffering by accepting the present moment

(you don't have to approve of it!)

Here, we use the Feel Fully Process.

Step 3

Reflect on how you learned your reaction patterns so that you can choose to respond instead

Step 4

Embody your meditation practice so that you can use your emotions as resources to serve you in the stress of daily life