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Are you...

- feeling overwhelmed, stressed or afraid about the current state of the world?

- keeping busy and distracting yourself so that you don't have to feel so much?

- constantly judging yourself, and afraid that others are judging you just as critically?

- overthinking every conversation and decision?

- caring for others to the point that you forget to ask yourself what you need?

Are you ready to feel relief?

Are you ready to be able to quickly access a state of calm?

Are you ready to feel more in control?


Feel Your Fear Fully

Feel Your Joy Fully

Feel Your Guilt Fully

Feel Your Love Fully

I Challenge You to meditate with me every day

I Challenge You to think deeply about what it means to accept your emotions without resistance

I Challenge You to connect with yourself every day, in whatever way that makes you feel glad to be alive

5 Amazing Days of  Connection

The Feel Fully Challenge will take place in a private Facebook group from Mon April 6- Friday April 10.

Results: You trust your intuition, you start putting your own oxygen mask on first, you accept that you're doing enough and that you are enough, you wake up asking, "how can I bring more joy into my life today?"

It's totally FREE!

Show up daily for the LIVE meditations, inspiration and accountability (If you can't make it for the lives, don't worry, they will be recorded and available in the Facebook group)

Fun prizes! For the person who turns this shindig into a party (most referrals). For the person who lights up the world with their magic (most engagement).

As soon as you join, you'll get access to the Special Edition Feel Fully meditation album, so that you can start feeling relief now!

What does it mean to Feel Fully?

Feel Fully is a 4-step process to move through overwhelming emotions.

Instead of distracting yourself so that you don't have to feel it right now, spend a few minutes being curious about the emotion and how it's showing up in your body.

Your feelings are natural. It's OK that you're feeling them.

During the challenge we will go into the 4 steps in MUCH more depth, but for now...

Here are the 4 steps briefly:

Safe Space

Are you safe, physically and emotionally? Can you express your feelings without judgment?

no resistance

Can you accept and allow your emotions to come, even if they're painful?


Where do you feel your emotions in your body? Can you watch the physical sensation change over time?


Recognize that you are not your thoughts or your emotions. You are much more. You are you, and

you are enough.

 Ready to Live Fully? 

Join the Feel Fully Challenge!

Don't have a Facebook account? Join the challenge by contacting me here! I'll send you the links to the live Zoom meetings and the extra inner work.