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Step Into Your Self-Worth

You're an intelligent, thoughtful woman who is committed to self-development.

But right now...

... you put others' needs ahead of your own

... you feel shame for not meeting your own expectations of yourself

... your negative thoughts take over more often than you'd like

... you sometimes resist feeling joy because you're not sure you deserve it

... you judge yourself more harshly than you would judge a friend

Step Into Your Self-Worth In Only 4 Weeks

  • you feel worthy of being loved

  • you feel worthy of taking time for yourself

  • you feel worthy of feeling positive emotions

  • you feel worthy of compliments

  • you feel worthy, just because you're YOU

With the support of Simone, Your Emotional Healing Coach, and the Feel Fully Community, commit to changing your perspective of yourself for good.

The Feel Fully YOU 4 Week Course

Believe Every Day that You Are Enough.

Starting May 27!

$297  Only $97 CAD

What's Included?

Live Guided Meditation

Meditate and reflect together

Woman with Computer
Group Learning

1 Zoom call + 1 Facebook Live per week

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Be held accountable to complete your inner work

Bonus: Embodiment

Movement and breath to release and open

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Bonus: Prework

Continued access to the 5-Day Feel Fully Challenge as well as meditation albums, affirmations and journaling work to get you started before the course begins

**Updated Course Outline**

Week 1

You are worthy of being heard.

(Trusting your intuition)

Week 2

You are worthy of ease.

(Fully accepting the present moment)

Week 3

You are worthy of love.

(Exploring patterns in relationships)

Week 4

You are worthy of receiving.

(Acting from a place of worthiness)

Sounds great!

I'm ready to commit to myself.


Hi, I'm Simone and I'm here to remind you that you are enough. I'm an emotional healing coach, yoga instructor and meditation guide now, but not too long ago I was struggling as an elementary school teacher. I was burnt out, blaming myself for not getting pregnant, reacting quickly to triggers around me. I looked for tools and skills to provide me with more resilience so that I could handle the stressful situations that were coming up for me almost every day.

Through intensive training and inner work, I discovered that being able to handle stress and everything life throws at you is about so much more than skills: it is truly about believing that you have worth that no one can take away. I shifted my mindset from overwhelm to empowerment in my fertility journey, my work life and relationships. 

Meet Simone before the course starts to make sure that she is the right Emotional Healing Coach for you!

Your Investment in Yourself

The Feel Fully YOU 4-week course is a place where you will be encouraged to be and act 100% yourself, where you can be vulnerable with no fear of judgment, and where you can finally step into your self-worth for good.

  • 4 weeks of support and learning (begins May 25, 2020)

  • 2h per week

  • $97 Canadian

Show up with Self-Worth.

Enroll in Feel Fully YOU. You're worth it.

Your Results

As a result of feeling worthy:

  • You set healthy boundaries with your family and at work (no one walks all over you anymore)

  • You respond calmly under stress, instead of falling back on familiar patterns (you feel your anger, but you no longer act on it)

  • Your relationships thrive because you show up differently (your family members respect your needs and you have more meaningful conversations, you are able to love others more fully because you love yourself)

  • You are empowered to make choices that serve you (you no longer put others' needs before your own at all times)

  • You trust that you will be able to handle anything (even if you don't approve of a situation, you are still able to accept it with grace and move forward)


Simone has a warm energy and a really caring spirit. Her yoga and coaching were kind, creative, careful, and on point.

Image by Michael Dam


Simone taught me calm at a time of chaos. Her peaceful presence, nurturing nature and love for what she does truly shows up in her sessions.



Simone is a beautiful person inside and out... She was able to not just get me through an anxious day with her yoga/meditation practice, but also was able to teach me things I could do at home to help me through tough days.

You Are Enough.

Are you ready to Feel Fully YOU?