You are worthy of the family you yearn for

Your Fertility Journey Hasn't Been Easy...

- you have been trying to conceive for a long time

- you feel sad when you get your period

- pregnancy and birth announcements are hard to handle

- you sometimes blame yourself

- you're wondering if your time will ever come

Don't wait to feel better!

  • Imagine releasing the attachment to the outcome of getting pregnant

  • Imagine letting go of jealousy and anger

  • Imagine the love of an intimate relationship that isn't all about baby-making

  • Imagine feeling connected to and in charge of your body

  • Imagine feeling positive and hopeful for your future

Fertility Coaching

with Simone

As a Fertility Doula, Coach and Yoga Instructor, I am here to support you on your difficult fertility journey.


I help you to:

  • Step Into Your Resilience and Self-Worth

  • Empower Yourself with Knowledge

  • Nurture a Loving Connection to your Body

Following my Signature 6-step process, you will transform over the time we work together, becoming empowered, feeling positive emotions on a regular basis, and coming to love yourself and your body fully.

Step 1 Honouring Your Wisdom

Step 2 Honouring Your Cycle

Step 3 Honouring Your Present

Step 4 Honouring Your Past

Step 5 Honouring Your Relationship

Step 6 Honouring Your Power


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Work with Simone

All packages are online until further notice.

Healing after Loss

  • Emotional and physical healing after miscarriage

  • Reconnect with your body

  • Grieve in a safe, supported space

  • Bonus: Healing Meditation Album

  • 3 sessions for $197CAD

Fertility Warrior

  • Individualized support so that you can be empowered, uplifted, and emotionally grounded

  • Check-ins after every doctor's appointment

  • Research and resources for your unique journey

  • Fertility yoga and meditation

  • Support finding the most aligned health care

  • Bonus: Fertility charting tutorials

  • Fertility Coaching packages start at $249CAD/month


Image by Michael Dam

Simone taught me calm at a time of chaos. Her peaceful presence, nurturing nature and love for what she does truly shows up in her sessions.


Simone is a beautiful person inside and out and it really shows in her yoga practice. She was able to not just get me through an anxious day with her yoga/meditation practice, but also was able to teach me things I could do at home to help me through tough days.


Simone provides helpful and gentle guidance through low impact yoga and meditative practice. This combination not only soothes your soul but awakens your body. It was wonderful and I am able to continue the work she started with me. 

I would recommend this to everyone trying to conceive, overwhelmed with the journey or just feeling a loss of control in the realm of fertility! 


Simone L'Abbé

Fertility Doula & Coach

Yoga Instructor

Meditation Teacher

Emotional Healing Coach