3 Visualization Meditations for Fertility

Trying to conceive? Are you stressed from the monthly merry-go-round of hope and disappointment?

Feel grounded and calm through these meditations. Connect to your body and to the intention of inviting another soul into your life.

Visualization is one of the biggest tools that has helped me manage anxiety over the past two years of trying to conceive. I recorded 3 guided meditations that you can listen to at home, on the subway, or at work.

1. Light Visualization

- soothe your soul and connect deeply

2. Garden Visualization

- empowering for those trying to conceive who feel like things are out of your control

3. River Visualization

- meant for the two weeks between ovulation and menstruation

These meditations are part of the Free Fertility Self-Care Bundle.

Click here to download for free!

I truly hope that you find a few moments of relief from these meditations.

If you find these visualizations helpful, tell one of your fellow fertility warriors!

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Simone L'Abbé

Simone helps women heal from miscarriage and feel relief from the stress of infertility through body awareness, movement, breathing and meditation techniques. 

Simone is a yoga teacher in Toronto who specializes in Chair Yoga and Yoga for Fertility.